Jane Blundell - Seasonal Yoga ExperienceJane Blundell - Seasonal Yoga Experience

A strong personal practice enhances Jane’s seasonal flow classes.

Influenced by the many styles of yoga she has practiced over the years and numerous teachers she has practiced with. 

Jane is a Yoga Alliance 500 hr Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher who blends over 30 years of personal yoga practice with a formal London Art School training and experience of life as an artist, mother and teacher.

Jane’s practice combines conscious breathing and mental focus to generate a smooth transition or flow of postures. Focussing on specific energy channels and corresponding organs which bring us back in balance with our emotional and physical needs with a renewed energy and an inner sense of calm. To find out more about the principles and practices associated with Jane’s classes.

“You are a inspiration and a great yoga teacher.” 

Seasonal Yoga Experience was founded in 2012 following completion of the Seasonal Yoga Teacher Training (SYTT) course under the expert tutelage of the creators of the Seasonal Flow concept Julie Hanson and Sue Woodd. Jane completed the 300 hour training programme in 2016 and she now teaches on SYTT 200 hr Edinburgh and co teaches Seasonal Yin teacher training with Marit Akintewe.

Seasonal Yin Teacher Training;

Jane is very patient and observant.” 

Jane has worked to bring yoga to a wider audience and to the wellbeing practices of organisations such as Maggies Cancer Charity, East Renfrewshire Council, Scottish Football Association, Brodies Law Firm and the Foreign,Commonwealth and Development Office. A strong personal practice enhances Jane’s seasonal flow classes influenced by the many styles of yoga she has practiced over the years and numerous teachers she has practiced with; Donna FarhiLesley Kaminoff, Bridget Woods Kramer, Mimi Kuo-Demeer and Gary Carter. 

Jane is qualified in acupressure massage for health and wellbeing from Glasgow School of Shiatsu. A massage using fingers, thumbs and palms, applying pressure along the energy pathways of the body, known as meridians. Combined with joint mobilisation and stretching. A practice not only to improve your physical health but also mental and emotional wellbeing. She continues to develop her interest and knowledge of the five elements, meridians and pressure points to enrich her yoga practice and teaching style.

“An inspiring teacher, whatever your size, shape and fitness or flexibility level.” 

Seasonal Yoga Experience classes take place four days a week, across the Southside of Glasgow and online. Jane’s yoga classes are complemented by Seasonal Yoga half day weekend retreats and Seasonal Yin Sundays.

Yoga Alliance 500 hr Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher

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